Big Data

Knowledge Transfer

The Big Data Hadoop course have been designed to impart an in-depth knowledge of Big Data processing using Cloudera solutions stack as well as the Horton works solutions stack. The course is takes you through with real-life projects and case studies to be executed at the workshop on hands-on sessions. Our Certification support course and content is designed to fit Cloudera certification standard to assists you leverage and get a head start.

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Change is coming faster today than ever before and companies must adapt . All business executives worry about change, but executives of technology companies—positioned as you are at the forefront of change—must be especially cognizant of the forces driving changes in your world.

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At TYE we offer a range of services that go beyond deployment, helping you plan, implement, and integrate your solutions efficiently, in a way that’s practical for your business. We also provide the expertise to help you roll out your solutions effectively.

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Your success is our highest priority at TYE. That’s why our Support Services assure your success from Day One. Our Enterprise Active Support services are fully focused on providing fast, agile and proactive customer support. They are designed for maximum flexibility and speed to market for your ongoing digital transformation journey in BigData.

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