Press Releases

Brands IMC Partnership

With businesses and organisations starting to demand a high level of precision and metrics-driven communication, advocacy, and outreach efforts, which are now becoming the expectation, Big Data solutions provider TYE Solutions has joined hands with Brands IMC, a communications and PR firm specialising in branding, content marketing and content distribution, to develop publicity and marketing campaigns for organisations that integrate data science with creative and strategic communications expertise.

IID Partnership

Pioneering integrated technology solutions provider, TYE Solutions announced a new partnership with the Indian Institute of Drones (IID) that will enable both organizations to collaborate in establishing a professional standard for drone operators in Sri Lanka and pave the way for new, well-paying and engaging career opportunities for young Sri Lankans.

A response to the rapidly increasing demand for innovative drone solutions, TYE’s partnership with IID is aimed at unleashing a new wave of vibrant commercial employment opportunities for Sri Lankan youth, leveraging on the vast and growing array of applications for drones across tourism, entertainment and leisure, to marketing, transportation, logistics and scientific research.

Pipedrive Partner

A break-through in digitally optimized sales management

Working to enable a powerful new paradigm in sales management, breakthrough local tech-solutions provider, TYE Solutions announced a new partnership with international cloud-based sales software company, Pipedrive.

The groundbreaking new agreement will empower TYE Solutions to serve as the first point of contact for Pipedrive customers in Sri Lanka, enabling Sri Lankan entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates access the same simple and easy-to-use digital tools that have already empowered over 75,000 sales teams across the globe to be better organized, move faster and close sales faster still.

Insured by BigData

Building capacity at the technological frontier of the Sri Lankan insurance industry, leading technology-enabled solutions provider TYE Solutions announced a full-day workshop on Insurance and Big Data Analytics on 7 June.

Taking place at the Parkland Building, Park Street, Colombo 02, from 9.30 am to 3.00 pm, the workshop is designed to enable a new generation of smarter, real-time, predictive insurance that elevates customer service while minimizing risk.

Divisional Dashboard

Paving the way for a new paradigm in Big Data Analytics in Sri Lanka, leading technology-enabled solutions provider TYE Solutions will be conducting a full-day workshop on ‘Divisional Dashboards’ tomorrow at the Parkland Building, situated at No. 33, Park Street, Colombo 2.

All sessions will be conducted by an internationally certified Data Scientist with nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including extensive experience in the design and implementation of real-time dashboards, and with a specific focus on their potential and application in the banking and finance industry.

Big Data Engine

A Big Data and Hadoop workshop will be conducted in August to assist organisations and individuals understand a Hadoop Environment and its implementation for Big Data Analytics. The workshop is an initiative of TYE Solutions Sri Lanka and will be conducted by a panel of experienced international trainers.

‘Hadoop: The Big Data Engine Workshop’ is a four-day programme that commences on 30 August at the Distance Learning Centre, Colombo 7 and is best suited for CTO/CIO, data centre managers, heads of IT, data base administrators, software development managers, business analysts and solution architects. Due to the increased popularity and demand in this specialised area, this will mark the fourth workshop to be conducted by TYE Solutions Sri Lanka on Big Data and Hadoop.