TYE Solutions launches ‘Divisional Dashboards’ Big Data Analytics workshopDaily FT, September 19 - 2017

Divisional Dashboard

Paving the way for a new paradigm in Big Data Analytics in Sri Lanka, leading technology-enabled solutions provider TYE Solutions will be conducting a full-day workshop on ‘Divisional Dashboards’ tomorrow at the Parkland Building, situated at No. 33, Park Street, Colombo 2.

All sessions will be conducted by an internationally certified Data Scientist with nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including extensive experience in the design and implementation of real-time dashboards, and with a specific focus on their potential and application in the banking and finance industry.

“Having spoken and worked closely with divisional heads across a cross section of organisations, we have come to understand quite well the pain points that divisional heads face in terms of triangulating and managing processes such as auditing, Treasury, risk management and retail banking. 

Our workshop is aimed at providing a comprehensive guideline towards the acquisition of accurate analytical models capable of capturing, storing and analysing new and existing data for intelligent visualisation. In this manner, an organisation can gain priceless visibility into key processes and use this information to take more effective decisions, ultimately enabling a stronger bottom line, hence we invite all interested parties, particularly in the banking sector, to sign up and join in our introductory workshop,” stated TYE Solutions CEO Zahir Fuard. 

He further noted that tomorrow’s introductory workshop into Divisional Dashboards would be followed by a more technique-oriented workshop which will build on the fundamentals established in the present workshop, and provide a clear path towards the implementation and maintenance of complex data analytics functionality in the banking and finance sector. 

Tomorrow’s sessions will primarily focus on simple and real-time dashboards, machine learning and Hadoop utilisation, and will also include an overview of potential applications in customer segmentation, fraud detection and human resource screening in addition to an in-depth discussion of real-world case studies in social media analytics, community detection, recommender engine and authenticity detection.  

Source: Daily FT